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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Talk On The Queen of Talk

Kathleen Oblich: I love Oprah!
I wrote a book, "Unveiling Helena' last year and I could have played
a James Frey', but I didn't. Instead, I waited to see how the book, which was basically a 'true story', but I sent it to the publishers as fiction...would pan out. I was surprised it did as well as it has been doing.
It was a story based on my grandmother's life....she had a hell of a life!
I hope Oprah picks up on the book's storyline, but I would never tell a lie just so I cold be 'famous'. It is Not worth it!
Just be yourself! People are very sensitive and they know who are 'true'.
Be true!!! Don't build yourself up to be someone that you aren't!

Ann Stewart: I really like Oprah too...I go to Tennessee State University and Oprah used to go to college here too...There is a story going around campus that Oprah used to be a talk queen even back then when she was in school...She just wouldn’t shut up…(kidding) So if I talk a lot will I become successful like Oprah did...Probably not but I can dream.


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