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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Talk On Parents

Ann Stewart: I was sitting in church today when the topic of discussion became about how society looks at mothers and fathers as parents today compared to how they were looked upon in the past. Some one stated that, ‘Many in our American society today claims that parents don’t spend enough time teaching and training their children, yet in the past the mother was usually considered the stay at home parent and today if the mother doesn’t work than she is looked upon as less than a woman who has a successful career.’ Well I do think that can be true of some people’s perceptions…but I also feel as though if a dad is a stay at home parent many people will perceive him as a just a dead beat dad… Which I feel is a totally wrong perception…. but I do agree that in the pass it seemed like women were honored to be stay at home moms, and today they are considered lazy or less than what they should be if they don’t have a successful job or career and also today it’s hard to finically support a family if both parents don’t work for middle class Americans…I really don’t know how single moms can do it. I feel compassion for them, and I thank God for the wonderful husband I have….I also hope America will get back to being like the old days in the past when it was considered honorable for one of the parents to be a stay at home parent again.


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