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Friday, January 12, 2007

Talk On Terri Irwin

Ann Stewart: This is just an awesome woman. I watched her last night on Larry King Live and I got to say I am a Terri Irwin fan. Did this woman not love and adore her husband, and it showed. Any woman that would trample though the wilderness, get bit by snakes and bugs, and have to wrestle wild beast like crocodiles all for love of her husband, is such a better woman that me. I mean, I love my husband, but I don’t know if I could do all that. My hat and my heart go out to her, over the lost of her precious handsome crocodile wrestling man. She’s raised some beautiful sweet kids too, who act so grown up and kind and caring in public. That’s one of the greatest accomplishments in it’s self. Good luck in your life Terri and I hope you and your children get all the happiness out of life that you can get. My children were a big fan of your precious Steve, and Terri I’m a big fan of yours. God ya bless all of you.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

More Talk On What Woman Should Be Ms. President

Andrea Peton: The woman who I’d like to see become president is Elizabeth Dole. She’s way more qualified that Hillary Clinton.

Dr. T: I want Oprah to be the first woman president. Oprah kicks ass.

Ann Stewart: Thanks Dr. T...I know who you are and I know why you think that. Are you in love with Oprah?

Dr. T: The real conservative republicans hate Hillary Clinton. She doesn't have a good chance of winning. Everyone knows that, but she has a better chance of winning than any of the other democrats.

Ann Stewart: What about Ann Richards, anyone think she would have a chance?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Will She Or Won't She?

Arocker: Hillary would be a breath of fresh air, after 8 years of a stumbling Bush. Hillary will know what to do in the fight with the Muslims. There will be no cut and run with Hillary. Hillary must cut away from the traitors of her party, and find the moderate wing of Republicans for Hillary, and rid herself of any support from the scoundrel Kennedy, the back stabbing Kerry, who denounce his war comrades for crimes during the Vietnam war, and the other losers of the party Leahy, Boxer, Pelosi, Durbin, Byrd, and the rest of the rabble who are impairing the war effort against unGodly murdering Muslims. Hillary knows the United States must make a stand today in Killing the Jihadist in Afghanistan, and Irag where they show themselves, otherwise we will have to fight them tomorrow when these fascist Muslims will be in position with nuclear weapons, and be able to strike us at home!! Hillary is strong willed and be able to break away from her party's war resisters, and fight the Nazi Kamikazi Muslim to the finish.

Ann Stewart: So has it been confirmed that Hillary is going to run? You know I would be happy if we could just get a woman in as vice president. I hate to sound like a sexist, but why should men rule the world? You know our brains are bigger as well as our breasts. (kidding) Click here to post more comments.

Monday, April 17, 2006

For The Love and Laughs of Sarah

Ann Stewart: Everyone must have heroes and here is one of mine Ms. Sarah Cannon “AKA Minnie Pearl.” If I could only have half of her fun loving wit and charm I would feel that I could go far in life. Everyone loved her and laughed with her. Here’s a link to The Sarah Cannon Cancer Center.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Talk On The Queen of Talk

Kathleen Oblich: I love Oprah!
I wrote a book, "Unveiling Helena' last year and I could have played
a James Frey', but I didn't. Instead, I waited to see how the book, which was basically a 'true story', but I sent it to the publishers as fiction...would pan out. I was surprised it did as well as it has been doing.
It was a story based on my grandmother's life....she had a hell of a life!
I hope Oprah picks up on the book's storyline, but I would never tell a lie just so I cold be 'famous'. It is Not worth it!
Just be yourself! People are very sensitive and they know who are 'true'.
Be true!!! Don't build yourself up to be someone that you aren't!

Ann Stewart: I really like Oprah too...I go to Tennessee State University and Oprah used to go to college here too...There is a story going around campus that Oprah used to be a talk queen even back then when she was in school...She just wouldn’t shut up…(kidding) So if I talk a lot will I become successful like Oprah did...Probably not but I can dream.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Talk On Katie Couric

Ann Stewart: This article got posted at the Dr. Sanjay Gupta talk site posted by Erin and I thought I would post it here cause I’m a Katie Couric fan myself. It was written by my favorite news man Dr. Sanjay Gupta. It's from Time Magazine:

It's never easy to talk to patients about getting their colon probed from the inside by a 5-ft.-long tube, but it's a lot easier than it used to be, thanks to NBC host Katie Couric. After she lost her husband Jay Monahan, 42, to colon cancer in 1998, she launched a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of regular screenings--a campaign that may have done more than any doctor could to get people to make that crucial appointment. After Couric bravely had her colon screened on national television in 2000, researchers at the University of Michigan reported a 20% increase in the number of scheduled colonoscopies. It came to be known as the Couric effect. So when I heard the news last week about the risk of colon cancer for smokers and drinkers, one of my first calls was to Couric. A study of more than 160,000 colon-cancer patients published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that the cancers of patients who smoked tobacco or drank alcohol were diagnosed an average of 5.2 years earlier than were those of other patients. If you smoke as well as drink, the study suggests, your cancer is likely to be diagnosed almost eight years earlier.

Those are findings that ought to get people in bars across America thinking twice about their bad habits, because the implication is that smokers and drinkers should be getting screened earlier than ever for colorectal cancer. Doctors usually recommend that patients schedule their first exam on or near their 50th birthday. If you get a colonoscopy--considered the gold standard of screenings because it allows doctors to examine the whole length of the lower intestine and snip off any precancerous polyps they find--you may not need to be screened again for 10 years. If you use one of the less definitive tests-- a flexible sigmoidoscopy, barium enema or simple stool analysis--you should get tested more frequently.

Couric was on vacation last week, but she got right back to me by e-mail. "Fear and embarrassment are major obstacles," she wrote, "but educated, well-informed people who want to have long lives should force themselves to get over those feelings. The time to be screened for colon cancer is when you are feeling well and not having symptoms."

She's right, of course. Colorectal cancer remains one of the top three causes of cancer deaths in the U.S. (after lung and breast cancer), but it doesn't have to be; 90% of cases detected early can be cured.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of steps you can take to improve your odds. Exercise is good for both your heart and your colon. You should also try to eat less red meat (which stresses the digestive system) and more vegetables, fruit and--above all--fiber. Obviously, given the news last week, you need to think about cutting back on your drinking-- and, for goodness' sake, stop smoking (or, if you've never started, keep up the good work).

Nobody, not even Couric, likes to talk about getting their backside probed, but, as she puts it, "having a colonoscopy is a heck of a lot easier than facing a diagnosis of colon cancer." > Sanjay Gupta is a neurosurgeon and CNN medical correspondent

5 years How much earlier colon cancers were diagnosed in patients who smoked or drank alcohol

8 years How much earlier such cancers were diagnosed in patients who smoked and drank alcohol

Ann Stewart: I love Katie Couric...She has the same Birthday as me and we Capicorns are good peoples.

I'm sorry she lost her husband...I would hate to be in her shoes...I thank God my husband is 2 years younger than me and pretty healthy as far as I can tell...I'm pretty sure he'll out live me...I once told him joking of course, if he leaves me I'm going to...and if you go to heaven I'm going with you. We created 3 kids together, that's a pretty big bond.

and you know what my brother loves Katie Couric...He thinks she's the prettiest thang since pretty was invented.

Thank you for that article Dr. Gupta...I've always been a Katie Couric fan too.

Scarlet Termite: Now to post something that resembles the news.

Read this on TVNewser.

It's incomprehensible to me that CBS would seriously want Katie, oh excuse me! According to a thread on TVSpy it's Katherine now, Couric in the anchor chair for the evening news. I mean, it's just sad. How can any thinking person believe that this woman is going to be taken seriously? Does CBS think she is going to bring the June Cleavers in to watch the evening news? Au Contraire, mon frere! When they see that there is no one else with her and she's reporting the icky-poo, boring "serious" news and not hyping some hacks' latest self-help book they are going to flip it to whatever syndicated sitcom they happen to like.

What's wrong with Bob Schieffer? I mean really? I like him alot. Great voice. Is it because he has white hair? It must be the CBS version of Jon Klein's (late of CBS) delusion of bringing in the 25-35 demographic. Apparently these people can't learn that folks in that age range don't watch the news period and certainly not at 6 pm. I think that CBS should have given Bill the chair. The ratings would go up, guaranteed. There is alot more folks that love the Bill than post on this board. They lurk it.

Bill (Hemmer) would have been perfect! He's credible, he's handsome but still boyish a la Tom Brokaw, he would appeal to Red and Blue Staters alike. He would have shone even brighter than Brokaw did when he started. He would be perfect. Absoultely perfect.

Not that I am biased or anything. *giggle*

Ann Stewart: Now I really like Katie bug...So don't be so hard on the dear little women.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

What Woman Should Run For President of United States in 2008?

Ann Stewart: We have had 2 people at Talk Webzine give us names of 2 different women that they think should run for President of USA? Give us a comment in the box below on what woman you would like to see run for President.

John Breyman: Yes I would like to see another Clinton in the White House and I don't care if its Hillary or Bill if we can change the rules to allow it. There are many out there capable of doing a better job than GWB!

Ann Stewart: We have a Talk Site on Hillary and I’m just dying to know if she is going to run for President. It has been rumored for years that she would run in 2008.

Kevin Airrington: I myself think we need to nominate the most powerful person in America (After the President)... this person is one of the smartest people in politics...if she will run she has my vote. Dr. Condi Rice.

Ann Stewart: Interesting choice Kevin…That would be a great win for women and blacks of the US nation…I’ve started a Talk Site on Condoleezza Rice as well…I guess I’m hoping for a woman President before I die.

Susan: Condi is intelligent and well spoken. She certainly has started to shine since she has become Sec'ty of State. A position definetly more to her calling, and she has been well accepted after Colin Powell stepped down, which was quite nice to see. (You don't quite know how some countries are going to react, having a man as Sec'ty of State, then transitioning to a woman Sec'ty of State within the same administration