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Friday, July 15, 2005

The Facts Of Life With Lisa Whelchel

Ann Stewart: Hey Everybody…Do you remember that TV show back in the 80’s called “The Facts Of Life?” Well I got to meet the person who played Ms. Blair Warner or
Lisa Whelchel, and I took a few pictures with her…may I say she was a sweet as pie…and most of you know I would tell you if she wasn’t sweet. Well Ms Lisa has a book out called “Creative Corrections” and it’s chopped full of all kinds of great ideas on how to handle your kids when they get a little unruly. So if you have ruff neck twins boys like I do, this book might be able to help you…Lisa has 3 children just like me so when I met Ms. Lisa she was filming a commercial for her new book.
I think I said the silliest thing to Lisa when I first met her…I said “Lisa you are so beautiful…I hope when I get to be your age, I look as good as you do”…and than I thought…Opps…I shouldn’t have said that…Not to say that Lisa is old or anything…but she is a beautiful person and she looks very healthy happy and fit. I guess family life and living the Christian way has agreed with her…I wish Lisa the best with her new book. Some of the tips she gave me during her speech has helped me with my children, and I hope to get to see Lisa again some day…If you would like to learn more about Lisa here’s a link to her website.

Oh and just for the record…Some of the folks on the Talk Webzine talk sites seem to think I pick on George Clooney a little to much so I just want to say that I don’t really know George Clooney…I’ve never meet him, nor have I worked with him…but Ms. Lisa did and she seems to have liked him just fine and the press seem to talk about him a lot too so somebody out there must really like him.

Love Ya Lisa
Ann Stewart
Your online friend

Ann Stewart: I got this talk from a George Clooney fan from the Dr. Gupta Talk site:

Michele: Also I love George Clooney even though he is a mere mortal actor not a brain surgeon/news journalist like sweet Sanjay. Thanks Ann I love all the reports Sanjay does on diet. Your point is well taken about actors. I have been going to this little dinner hole-in- the-wall at 77th and Broadway in NY since after 9/11.Well near there is a firehouse and these absolutely gorgeous firemen eat there ! The first time I saw them in the restaurant I thought they were actors but they are stronger looking and handsome. WOW and they are sooo nice.They would make a great calendar! Ah yes but George is cute I was not into George until ER. I missed the first few years of ER I lived in Europe. I looked at that link of George with all that hair yuck. I do not have children yet but thank you for the Lisa and George link.

Ann Stewart: Right now I'm on high protein low fat diet...not Atkins...I tried Atkins and it didn't work for me long term...My friend on the Internet Scarlet (Bug) Termite suggested the South Beach diet (cause she tried it and she lose weight) and I tried it and it works a bit better for me than Atkins cause I love fruits and nut and things like that…

And I hate to be so hard on Actors…I like George Clooney too. Most of the time anyways…I just get tried of the press over publicizing these actors…especially when the actors like George Clooney and Tom Cruise have complained about it themselves. I just feel like if they want the press to support them and their careers than they should treat the press better.


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