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Saturday, August 20, 2005

What Woman Should Run For President of United States in 2008?

Ann Stewart: We have had 2 people at Talk Webzine give us names of 2 different women that they think should run for President of USA? Give us a comment in the box below on what woman you would like to see run for President.

John Breyman: Yes I would like to see another Clinton in the White House and I don't care if its Hillary or Bill if we can change the rules to allow it. There are many out there capable of doing a better job than GWB!

Ann Stewart: We have a Talk Site on Hillary and I’m just dying to know if she is going to run for President. It has been rumored for years that she would run in 2008.

Kevin Airrington: I myself think we need to nominate the most powerful person in America (After the President)... this person is one of the smartest people in politics...if she will run she has my vote. Dr. Condi Rice.

Ann Stewart: Interesting choice Kevin…That would be a great win for women and blacks of the US nation…I’ve started a Talk Site on Condoleezza Rice as well…I guess I’m hoping for a woman President before I die.

Susan: Condi is intelligent and well spoken. She certainly has started to shine since she has become Sec'ty of State. A position definetly more to her calling, and she has been well accepted after Colin Powell stepped down, which was quite nice to see. (You don't quite know how some countries are going to react, having a man as Sec'ty of State, then transitioning to a woman Sec'ty of State within the same administration

Sunday, August 07, 2005


pamela9940: Thank you, Paula, for the special on Terri Schiavo yesterday that told her eating disorder was probably bulimia. I have a close relative who is bulimic and she doesn't think anything is wrong with it. The family has tried and tried to tell her the dangers and apparently Terri's illness is one of them. Please elaborate more on this. There are many, many bulimics out here in grave danger. PLEASE WARN PEOPLE! We need your help.

Gorley: Paula just wanted thank you and your wonderful staff for telling the world of the great news story in Iraq, especially the medics in Balad AB. For all your critics, remember there are many more supporters of your programs, they are just a silent majority.

R Scheuer: Please advise re: status of Paula Zahn and her show. She is a terrific reporter. If she is replaced by Nancy Grace in that time slot it will be very distressing indeed.

Ann: Thanks for the comments folks...I have been wanting to start a Talk of Women for a long time and I do so thank you for the comments on Paula...I think she's a wonderful reporter…She sets a good example for all of us working women. If you would like to join in the love talk on Paula Zahn here’s the link:
And here is a link to a nice fan site on Paula: