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Monday, May 31, 2004


Sara: Maria has made People Magazine’s 50 most beautiful people list!

Ann: I’m happy for her and I’m happy for cause you are such a big fan of hers. I hope everyone knows that Maria has her very own talk site here at Talk Webzine…because Sara requested to have one here for her.

Sara: Maria is on the cover of Stuff magazine dressed as a Greek goddess. She talks about her past and her dating past!


Keziah: Ann, Oprah is looking Great! at 50!!!!!!! She looks so young and so healthy. She just glows.

Ann: Yeah I hope I look as good as her when I get her age.

Ok Folks this is Talk of Women where basically we will be talking able women who make us proud to call ourselves women…Women who we look up to and admire. You can chose any woman you want talk about…There is a new talk site called talk of women and you can basic just post messages anywhere on this message board such as the links to the right or in the comment boxes below…Thanks for your participation and comments.

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