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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Talk On Parents

Ann Stewart: I was sitting in church today when the topic of discussion became about how society looks at mothers and fathers as parents today compared to how they were looked upon in the past. Some one stated that, ‘Many in our American society today claims that parents don’t spend enough time teaching and training their children, yet in the past the mother was usually considered the stay at home parent and today if the mother doesn’t work than she is looked upon as less than a woman who has a successful career.’ Well I do think that can be true of some people’s perceptions…but I also feel as though if a dad is a stay at home parent many people will perceive him as a just a dead beat dad… Which I feel is a totally wrong perception…. but I do agree that in the pass it seemed like women were honored to be stay at home moms, and today they are considered lazy or less than what they should be if they don’t have a successful job or career and also today it’s hard to finically support a family if both parents don’t work for middle class Americans…I really don’t know how single moms can do it. I feel compassion for them, and I thank God for the wonderful husband I have….I also hope America will get back to being like the old days in the past when it was considered honorable for one of the parents to be a stay at home parent again.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Weight Lost: Surgery Vs. Diet and Exercise

Ann Stewart: I’m not a doctor and I don’t consider myself an expert on this subject, but I have tried many weight lost methods in my life. I have tried programs such as Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and YMCA fitness and Gold’s gym exercise clubs. I have tried diets such as low calorie, low carb (such as Atkins and now South Beach)…and I have tried surgeries too, such as liposuction and stomach gastric by-pass and breast reduction. Still just like so many other people I know, I am still fighting the battle of the bulge. It doesn’t matter what weight lost methods you try even surgery cannot keep the weight off. It has to be a life style change. Even people who have had surgery still gain all the weight back and more or they don’t lose much weight at all…Could it be that American food is so fatty that the majority of us are always going to be over weight like the American people are now? Why is America filled with people who are over weight? America is considered to be the most over weight country there is? I was once told by a doctor that being over weight can be genetic. Is it a genetic thing that some people are just born with? Also sometimes when women get pregnant and are prone to gaining weight they seem to have a hard time losing it…So I want to share with you stories and pictures of myself and of other people I know or have read about that have had to fight the battle of the bulge their whole life and tell you what helped them and what happened to me as well.

Folks meet Jennifer…Jennifer is 5 foot 2 inches tall and had been over weight for about 25 years after the birth of her 2nd son. She would fluctuate about 25 to 45 pounds over her idea weight for most of those 25 years after giving birth. In 2001 she joined Weight Watchers and the pounds slowly came off over a 2 year period of time . Jennifer now weighs 128 pounds and has kept the weight off for almost 4 years. She lost over 40 pounds. Jennifer says Weight Watcher is the best program there is and she has also tried many other programs that didn’t help her keep the weight off permanently.

Folks meet Jennifer’s sister Becky….Becky is also about 5 foot 2 inches tall and once weighed over 260 pounds. Becky suffered from obesity and with her weight fluctuating for almost 30 years like a yo-yo, Becky finally gave up on diets and exercise and tried by-pass surgery. Two years after the surgery Becky now weighs less than 130 pounds after being obese and over weight for almost 30 years. Becky had a hard time during her surgery…She had to have a 2nd surgery about a year after for stomach ulcers. She also says she suffered from hair lost and her teeth became weak and frail because of the lost of calcium she suffered from after the surgery and she could chip or brake her teeth very easily. She had many complications such as bleeding from the rectum, and excessive vomiting, but even though she had all those medical problems…she says now she is happy she had the surgery, because she feels like if she wouldn’t have had it she wouldn’t have lost the weight.
Now meet Karolyn…Karolyn is Becky’s daughter-in-law…Karolyn also suffered from obesity and had the by-pass surgery. Karolyn did not have any other medical problems from having the surgery like Becky had…but the difference may be because Karolyn is about 25 years younger than Becky…Karolyn was in her mid thirties when she had the surgery and Becky was in her late fifties…Many doctors have told me that the younger you are and the more healthy you are the better chance you have of not having complications during this surgery and after. Karolyn is 5 foot 11 inches tall and now weighs 132 pounds…She is now a little under weight, and is trying to gain weight. She used to be over 310 pounds.

I also want to say just because you have this surgery doesn’t mean you are going to be slim for life. I know several people who have had this surgery and have gained all or more or most of the weight back again. Take Carnie Wilson for example…Carnie is the spokes person for Stomach Gastric by-pass surgery. Her recent pregnancy with her child could be the main reason she has gained the weight…I know when I was pregnant I got more over weight than I had ever been in my entire life, and I feel like women who are prone to gaining weight will usually gain to much weight during a pregnancy…I am rooting for Carney to lose the baby fat too…cause I feel like she has been a great educator about the methods of surgery weight lost and I want to see her back on getting control of her weight again.

Another famous star that had stomach by-pass surgery and kept the weight off is Sharon Osborne. She isn’t real vocal about it, but to me she is someone who shows that you can keep it off after surgery…because I have seen so many people who haven’t kept the weight off even after having by pass surgery. Maybe the trick to it is try not to get pregnant after stomach gastric by-pass surgery. It just seems like pregnancy can put the pounds back on you if you are prone to gaining weight, even after having surgery like Carnie Wilson did.

Now meet me…I’m Ann Stewart...And these are my before and after pictures of me and I’m the girl who talks all over the Internet about all kinds of things. So talking about this shouldn’t be a problem for me. This picture on the left is me a few weeks after I had my twin boys. Boy was I large…I weigh in at about 286 pounds not long after I gave birth…I had a hard time trying to losing it…Breast feeding made it worst, cause I was suppose to eat more to keep my milk up. If you lose weight you can lose your milk. Now this is the smaller me to the right at a year after by pass surgery and after seeing the success of Becky and Karolyn I decided to try the surgery too, because I had battled weight my whole life and having babies just made me bigger…It has been over a year since my surgery and I still have to diet and exercise, but I am now down to 153 pounds. I had an easy time with the surgery…It wasn’t that painful and unlike Becky I didn’t have any medical complications. I am still losing weight and now I am trying a high protein low carb diet called South Beach, but I don’t recommend surgery for everyone…I think it is better to lose the weight with diet and exercise, but if you are trying and losing the battle of the bulge than surgery may help you. Weight Watchers is probably the best diet I can recommend…Having tried it myself for many years before I got pregnant and being able to keep the weight off then is what makes me think Weight Watchers is probably the best program out there. And that is the end of our weight lost story…If you are trying to lose weight, I hope you read this and consider the options of Surgery Vs. Diet and Exercise.

I’m Ann Stewart
Your online friend

Friday, July 15, 2005

The Facts Of Life With Lisa Whelchel

Ann Stewart: Hey Everybody…Do you remember that TV show back in the 80’s called “The Facts Of Life?” Well I got to meet the person who played Ms. Blair Warner or
Lisa Whelchel, and I took a few pictures with her…may I say she was a sweet as pie…and most of you know I would tell you if she wasn’t sweet. Well Ms Lisa has a book out called “Creative Corrections” and it’s chopped full of all kinds of great ideas on how to handle your kids when they get a little unruly. So if you have ruff neck twins boys like I do, this book might be able to help you…Lisa has 3 children just like me so when I met Ms. Lisa she was filming a commercial for her new book.
I think I said the silliest thing to Lisa when I first met her…I said “Lisa you are so beautiful…I hope when I get to be your age, I look as good as you do”…and than I thought…Opps…I shouldn’t have said that…Not to say that Lisa is old or anything…but she is a beautiful person and she looks very healthy happy and fit. I guess family life and living the Christian way has agreed with her…I wish Lisa the best with her new book. Some of the tips she gave me during her speech has helped me with my children, and I hope to get to see Lisa again some day…If you would like to learn more about Lisa here’s a link to her website.

Oh and just for the record…Some of the folks on the Talk Webzine talk sites seem to think I pick on George Clooney a little to much so I just want to say that I don’t really know George Clooney…I’ve never meet him, nor have I worked with him…but Ms. Lisa did and she seems to have liked him just fine and the press seem to talk about him a lot too so somebody out there must really like him.

Love Ya Lisa
Ann Stewart
Your online friend

Ann Stewart: I got this talk from a George Clooney fan from the Dr. Gupta Talk site:

Michele: Also I love George Clooney even though he is a mere mortal actor not a brain surgeon/news journalist like sweet Sanjay. Thanks Ann I love all the reports Sanjay does on diet. Your point is well taken about actors. I have been going to this little dinner hole-in- the-wall at 77th and Broadway in NY since after 9/11.Well near there is a firehouse and these absolutely gorgeous firemen eat there ! The first time I saw them in the restaurant I thought they were actors but they are stronger looking and handsome. WOW and they are sooo nice.They would make a great calendar! Ah yes but George is cute I was not into George until ER. I missed the first few years of ER I lived in Europe. I looked at that link of George with all that hair yuck. I do not have children yet but thank you for the Lisa and George link.

Ann Stewart: Right now I'm on high protein low fat diet...not Atkins...I tried Atkins and it didn't work for me long term...My friend on the Internet Scarlet (Bug) Termite suggested the South Beach diet (cause she tried it and she lose weight) and I tried it and it works a bit better for me than Atkins cause I love fruits and nut and things like that…

And I hate to be so hard on Actors…I like George Clooney too. Most of the time anyways…I just get tried of the press over publicizing these actors…especially when the actors like George Clooney and Tom Cruise have complained about it themselves. I just feel like if they want the press to support them and their careers than they should treat the press better.